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Five Things You Need to Know Before Writing a Telephone Answering Script for Your Company


When a client or prospective customer contacts your company, you want them to be able to access the info they need, and you also want them to have a pleasant experience that positively reflects your brand. Of course, you can easily create that when you answer your own phone, but if you have a live answering service, you may want to ensure consistency with a script.

Here are five things to keep in mind as you develop a script for the people who answer your phone:

1. A positive greeting is essential.

It takes three to five seconds for someone to have a first impression, and that impression has a huge impact on how that person sees your company and ultimately on whether or not they decided to continue doing business with you.

A person's first impression quickly evaluates how trustworthy the other person is as well as their warmth and strength. For this reason, a positive upbeat message needs to take the lead in every telephone script.

Instead of a clipped and blunt, "hello," you need a relaxed and inviting, "Good afternoon. Thank you for calling ABC Company. My name is Tina. How can I help you?"

2. A recorded message can handle basic details.

Although a positive greeting is essential, it doesn't necessarily have to be delivered by a person. Many consumers call businesses with easy questions about their hours of operation, address and other details. To give clients easy access to this information, you can incorporate a recorded greeting as part of your script at the beginning of each call.

This quickly gives the clients your company name and other relevant details. Clients who only need those snippets of info can hang up, and others can wait to be directed to your answering service. Including a recorded intro in your script is a great way to keep operators focused on customers who need direct support, and it ensures the rest of your customers have easy access to the details they want.

3. Detailed responses to common questions and complaints are critical for customer satisfaction.

Whether you have your own staff answering the phone or reps from a live answering service, consider creating a list of commonly asked questions, concerns and complaints. Then, write out the answers you expect to be provided in each situation. Ideally, you should create a flowchart to guide the person answering the phone from one question to another.

This protects your business by safeguarding customer satisfaction. Sixty-five percent of customers want their issue resolved in their first contact with the company. If the company is able to address their issue in a single phone call or email, the customers' satisfaction levels increase. If not, they feel frustrated and may even take their complaints public.

4. Closings should ensure customer happiness.

The closing of your phone script should ensure the customer is happy. For example, the person on the phone should say something such as, "Did I handle all your concerns today?" Or "Is there anything else I can help you with." Finally, they should thank the caller and end the call.

5. Live answering services can help business owners write scripts.

If creating your own script feels too challenging or if you'd simply like more guidance, a live answering service can help. These companies field calls for all sorts of businesses, and they often have templates that they can help you develop into a phone script that is customised for your business's needs. To learn more, contact a live answering service today.



13 April 2016