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How to Design Custom Badges For an Event


When you have an event planned such as a seminar or political campaign stop, you want to think about creating custom badges. These can be used by speakers, special guests, workers, and the like. You may also want badges for security personnel that will be on hand. Note a few tips for designing custom badges for any event so you invest your budget wisely.

1. Note if they will be reused

Can the badges be reused or will you need them at another campaign stop, or the same event next year? If so, keep the badges very neutral without much identifying information that would limit their use. For example, your political campaign may have a slogan such as "Voters for Valerie," and this can be good to include on the badge, as well as a word or phrase that identifies the wearer, such as "Volunteer" or "Speaker." However, avoid adding the date, location, and other such information as you can then use the badges repeatedly, even during your next campaign.

2. Leave room for photos

When designing badges, you may want to leave room to add photos of the person who will be wearing the badge. This will ensure that they aren't stolen or misused. If the photo will interfere with the overall space of the badge, see if you can add them to the backside. However, for security personnel and those who may need quick access to certain areas, you may want to have the photo on the front no matter how crowded the badge looks, so a person can easily glance at their photo and know that they're dealing with a real security guard, paramedic, and the like.

3. Note how they'll be worn

Security badges may get pinned on a shirt. However, for other badges, it may be good to have them on lanyards or to use clips rather than pins. Attendees may not want to put unsightly holes in their shirts or jackets in order to wear a badge. Note that a clipped badge can be torn off or lost more easily than one worn around the neck, so for larger crowds or for when you need added security with your badge, choose the lanyard option. This can also be good for when someone might be wearing more than one badge; there may not even be room on the front of their shirt or jacket for several different badges, but they can wear two or three or however many are appropriate on lanyards. 


13 April 2016